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5k Run

A breathtaking scenic route from Ancient Shiloh to Shiloh Valley, where the daughters of Israel used to come out to dance wearing all white. We will run alongside rows of luscious vines bearing some of the country’s best grapes, and past olive trees from which pure olive oil is pressed, until we reach the marathon finish line at Ancient Shiloh.


Starting time: 07:30 AM

We recommend arriving at the starting area about one hour before the starting time so that you have enough time to get organized.

Route Description:

Circular cross-country run with sections on roads.

Starting point: Ancient Shiloh.

Finish line: Ancient Shiloh.

Route goes from Ancient Shiloh – Shiloh Valley – Paths between the Shiloh vineyards – Return to Ancient Shiloh.

Water station: At 2.5 km


Parking at the Ancient Shiloh parking lot (WAZE – Ancient Shiloh)

Blocked roads:

Highway 5 will be blocked to eastbound traffic from Kessem Interchange to Barkan Interchange between 4:30 AM and 8:00 AM.
Jerusalem Blvd. in Ariel will be blocked eastbound traffic from the entrance to the city to the eastern gate (near the university) between 5:30 AM and 9:40 AM.

It will be possible to enter and exit Ariel via Efron Blvd (the road that ascends to the industrial zone).

The Ariel-Nofei Nechemia-Rechelim Highway will be blocked to traffic in both directions between 5:30 AM and 10:10 AM.
Highway 60 from Rechelim Junction to Shiloh Junction will be blocked to traffic in both directions between 5:30 AM and 11:30 AM. Shiloh Junction will be open to traffic coming from south of Highway 60 toward Shiloh.

Arrival options:

For those running the 5km run, there are several options for arriving at the starting line at Ancient Shiloh:

From Jerusalem: Highway 60 northbound until Shiloh is open to traffic.
From the east and the Jordan Valley: Highway 458 (Alon Road) – Kida – Vineyard View Road – Shiloh.
From the Center and the North: Highway 55 – Karnei Shomron – Gitti Avisar Junction – Ariel Junction – Tappuach Junction – Highway 458 (Alon  Road) – Kida Junction – Ancient Shiloh.

(It will not be possible to reach the 5km run on time via Highway 5 from Rosh Ha’ayin to Ariel or from Highway 60 from Ariel to Shiloh, because Highway 5 will be closed to traffic from Rosh Ha’ayin to Barkan Interchange between 4:30 AM and 7:30 AM, and Highway 60 will be closed from Ariel to Shiloh between 5:50 AM and 11:30 AM.)

Navigating via WAZE is recommended.

From the central region: Highway 465 toward Beit Aryeh – Neve Tzuf – Ateret – Highway 60 northbound until Shiloh.

Distribution of race packs:

Details to follow


5km runners will receive a unique clay medal, the race shirt and entrance to the spectacular complex at the finish line in Ancient Shiloh.

Running on the race route is permitted to registered runners with a race bib only!

Map of the route and water stations:

5 km age categories:

Men/women 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:







There must be a minimum of 5 participants per category (if there are less than 5 participants, the category may be joined with a category close to it). Participants’ ages will be determined by year of birth.


Online registeration


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