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Marathon Israel

October 6, 2017


The 3rd Bible Marathon that took place on October 6th, 2017, was an emotional event. The most difficult and one of the most beautiful tracks in Israel attracted thousands of visitors.

Over 1000 runners participated in the Bible Marathon this year, local runners as well as international runners from 8 countries.

Despite the demanding, mountainous route,10 women managed to complete the full marathon race.

The Marathon was organized by the Municipality of Benjamin region, in cooperation with Marathon Israel company.

Ofer Padan, CEO of Marathon Israel, and creator of the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Marathons, insisted that the Bible Marathon is neither a political nor a religious event. “We feel great satisfaction now that the event is over”, said Ofer. “We have an amazing team who worked together perfectly, and we wish to thank the security forces and local residents who helped this dream become a reality. We especially wish to thank our friends who ran and made this event so special and unique.”

The winner of the Bible Marathon 2017 is Lukasz Wilk - a Christian Zionist from Poland, who heard about the marathon just last year.

"You have a wonderful country, so warm and full of good people. I have run a lot of marathons but this one was undoubtedly the most special and exciting one. I was very surprised by the warm welcome and will certainly come here again", said Lukas. He finished with a time of 3:23:26 and was only a little ahead of Yiftach Pashur who came second (3:23:58) and Yosef Fish who came third place (3:30:55).

The 3 top women runners were:

Ayelet  Sherem (4:12:31)

Orian Aretz (4:31:12)

Limor Miler (4:43:38)

The good energies of runners from Israel and abroad, together with the festival which attracted hundreds of families, created a unique, historical and authentic atmosphere.

Li Weiyi,  a member of the Chinese group which attended (57 participants), said she took part in the race because she “wanted to walk in the path of the Bible.”

The Bible Marathon has the opportunity to “bring people from all religions and levels of religiosity together, to come and run in a place that is not necessarily familiar to them but is in the Biblical heartland. This is part of our shared history. It helps people understand each other.” (Ofer Padan).

We have already begun preparations for the marathon next year!

Save the date – September,  28th, 2018


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