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Health declaration

Declaration of Health

I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I am aware that I plan to participate in a sporting event that requires significant physical effort.

I hereby declare that I am healthy and fit enough for this race and that I have trained properly for it.

I understand that participating in this race without proper physical preparation may endanger my health.

If you have experienced or suspect you may have experienced fever, gastrointestinal disturbances or coughing during the week prior to the race, consult your physician before participating and make sure you have his or her approval to run the race.

I hereby waive all claims against the organizers, the Israel Marathon production company or parties on their behalf, in anything relating to responsibility for any damage I may incur including bodily harm before, during or after the race, and including damage to my property and/or loss of equipment I may experience.

I agree that the organizers will be authorized to make any decision concerning any cancellation or change to the marathon schedule or route, and/or complete or partial cancellation of the marathon due to weather conditions forecasted before the marathon and/or that take place during the marathon, and I waive all claims in this regard.

I, the undersigned, pledge that I will not bring a damage suit against the aforementioned parties.



Health and Safety Guidelines


Participation in a marathon or a shorter race requires physical fitness and a healthy body.


Despite having trained for the race, some runners find themselves in physical distress during the race. We therefore ask you to abide by and pay attention to these instructions for your own protection and benefit.


The following instructions are not meant to replace a controlled training regimen, supervised and under the guidance of a certified trainer, or professional sports and health professionals.


1.It is recommended to undergo a medical examination by a doctor before beginning training. The examination should include a periodic physical fitness test (ergometric evaluation).

2.In the event of injury or illness, every “lost day” requires two make-up days of training in order to regain the pre-illness training level and pace. In the event that you experienced illness accompanied by fever, indigestion or diarrhea on the days immediately prior to the race, do not participate in the race! Consult with a physician and trainer regarding how to renew your training schedule. 

3.Read and learn about heatstroke prevention and get in the habit of drinking a lot of water.

4.Pay attention to your diet, your sleep and other race preparations. During the race, stations offering drinks and nutritional supplements will be scattered along the route. Take advantage of them to quench your thirst, gain an energy boost and keep going. Don’t skip over any of the stations.

5.Prepare your race equipment and make sure that it is comfortable for you and appropriate for long distances.

6.Be sure to wear a hat. Sunglasses are also advised. 

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