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Event regulations

1.Participation in the races is only permitted for runners who are training regularly, are under medical supervision, are healthy and are fit to run. Runners who do not meet these conditions may not participate in the race. Any deviation from these guidelines is the sole and full responsibility of the participant.

2.The race is open to participants aged 18 years and older. The 10km route is open to participants aged 15 years and older. The 5km route is open to participants aged 10 years and older.

3.The date determining the age of the registrant is the date of the race itself.

4.Registration for the event is individual and cannot be transferred to another person.

5.I am very familiar with the route, character and regulations of the event.

6.A participant’s declaration of participation constitutes agreement to the registration regulations, monetary obligations and event regulations.

7.I hereby declare that all race organizers and those responsible are released from any liability regarding property or equipment that I bring with me to the race. I waive any claim, complaint and/or request against the organizers of the race, or any other party related to the race, for any damage/loss of equipment/property in my possession.

8.The organizers and officials are entitled to disqualify runners who are behaving in a non-sportsmanlike way or in any way contrary to the race guidelines, or who are endangering themselves or other athletes. Disqualified runners will not be refunded their fee.

9.Do not accompany any runners by running, biking or driving alongside them in any vehicle (excluding organizers’ vehicles). A runner who is being pulled by another runner, biker or driver will be disqualified.

10.The “event area” refers to the road/path that is marked for running. Running in areas not designated as part of the event area is at the runner’s own risk and is not the responsibility of the organizers.

11.In the event that tracking of the runners will be carried out by electronic mats and inspection points, participants will be required to step on these mats. Participants who are not registered by the system may face disqualification.

12.I agree that the marathon staff, parties sponsoring the marathon and the Binyamin Regional Council are allowed to use photographs in which I appear during, before and after the marathon, for advertising and PR purposes. They are also allowed to broadcast the marathon partially or entirely in any form of media that exists currently or in the future (television, internet, cellular phone and/or any other media), free of charge.

13.Runners who do not wear numbers on their chest will not be allowed into the starting-line area or finish-line area, and will be removed from the route for security, safety and insurance reasons.

14.The finish like will be locked after the maximum time, as advertised on the website. Runners who run at a slower pace will be asked to stop running, notify officials that they have stopped and, if necessary, evacuate the route to the finish line. Please note that the water and first aid staff will stop operating and the race organizers will no longer be responsible for the safety of runners who continue to run on their own.

15.The organizers are entitled to update the information on this website and it is the participants’ responsibility to follow up on any changes.

16.Appeals: Runners are entitled to submit a written appeal regarding the race outcomes to the event staff up until 45 minutes from the time the incident in question occurred.

17.Cancellation of the event and/or changes made to the event plans and/or any other change contrary to what was advertised as a result of force majeure will not constitute a breach of contract on the part of the organizers. The participant will not be eligible for compensation and/or refunds. The organizers will facilitate an alternate event, if possible, at a later date, if possible, provided that there are no obstacles, according to the sole discretion of the organizers.

18.In these regulations, “force majeure” refers to any factor beyond the organizers’ control, including weather conditions that are not appropriate for the event; cancellation/postponement of the event due to war, strike or closure; any other external limitation imposed on the organizers or by the authorities; a state of emergency or terrorist operation, missile attacks, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, special government operations, etc, which would prevent or interfere with holding the event. In this regard, “prevent or interfere” includes the aftermath of national tragedy and/or negative public atmosphere for which such an activity would be inappropriate.



*In order to secure a podium, at least 5 participants must register in each category.

In the event that less than 5 participants register for a category, the categories that are short on participants will be merged with the category below it.


**Participants under the age of 18 on the date of the marathon, 9.4.15, must present parental permission.

Parental permission must include presentation of the parents’ ID card and addendum (sefach). 

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