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Registration Regulations

All of the information included in these regulations are written in masculine form for the sake of convenience, but refer to women as well. The same applies to singular and plural language and vice versa.


1.Registration for the competition can be completed on the marathon’s website, powered by TixWise.

2.Applicants will be registered for the event after their signed registration form, registration fee and declaration of health are received and approved by the event organizers before the registration deadline.

3.The race is limited to ages 18 and older. The 10km stretch is open to ages 15 and older. The 5km stretch is open to ages 10 and older.

4.Participants younger than 18 years of age on the date of the race must provide a parental permission slip.

5.Signing the declaration of participation constitutes agreement to the registration regulations, monetary obligations and event regulations.



Cancellation and Changes Policy


1.Changes and cancellations can be made up until 10/10/2016 at 12:00 by contacting Cancelling registration incurs a handling fee of NIS 20.

2.10 days before the event, cancellations will not be permitted for any reason other than medical concerns. Medical cancellations will only be accepted upon presenting a doctor’s note along with a registration cancellation request to Cancellation incurs a cancellation fee of NIS 40.

3.Refunds for cancellations and chances will be given 90 days after the transaction is approved.

4.Any cancellation and/or change to the event plan and/or any other change from the advertised information caused by a f does not constitute a breach of contract by the producers and/or organizers. Purchasers/participants will not be eligible for compensation and/or refunds. The organizers will provide an alternate event, if possible, at a later date, if possible, provided that there is nothing preventing such an event, at the sole discretion of the organizers.

5.In these regulations, “f” refers to any entity beyond the organizers’ control, including weather conditions unsuitable for the event, postponement or cancellation of the event due to war, strikes, closures and/or unforeseen circumstances and/or any other external limitation placed on the organizers and/or by a certified authority, emergency situations, terror activities, missile attacks, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, special government operations, etc. that may prevent or interfere with the event. In this case, “preventing or interfering with the event” includes the aftermath of national tragedies and/or a negative public atmosphere that would not be appropriate for this activity and its nature.

The final date for registration is September 21, 2018 at 12:00.

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